Committees and Programs, Member Updates, and Financials

Committees and Programs

We are actively assembling supper committees for meetings going forward.  This will include October, November, December and then January through May.  Please contact Colleen at to enroll.  This information is needed for the yearbook as well so we would appreciate a prompt response :-).  

As we return to normal, so do our monthly meetings and we need presenters for November onward.  If you have a program you would like to present, please contact John Seest at to choose a month for your committee work.  This information will also appear in the yearbook.

Member Updates
We always want to hear from you and learn about members’ creative pursuits.  If you have news to share, please drop Curt Churchman a note at and he will include it in our next member email.  

Financial Update
Please see attached for an update on the Portfolio’s finances.

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