In Memoriam

Howard Caldwell, Jr.
Howard was best known in Indianapolis for his award-winning journalism career. Highlighting his diverse interests, he authored two books: Tony Hinkle, Coach for all Seasons and The Golden Age of Indianapolis Theaters. Howard and Lynn became members in 1980. Howard’s parents, Elsie and Howard C. Caldwell Sr. had also been members.


Carolina M. Capehart
Carolina, a Non-Resident Member, moved to New York City to pursue an acting career. These last few years, Carolina specialized in recreating and writing a blog about the interesting culinary art of 18th-century cooking. Carolina’s parents, Harriet and Earl Capehart, were long-time club members.


Mary Elizabeth "Liz" Kirk
Liz, a member since 1963, had a lifelong active interest in the arts. Liz took courses at Herron School of Art and the Indianapolis Art Center. She was an Honorary Member of the Players, having acted in or directed over 30 plays. As a spokesperson for Indiana National Bank, Liz presented a dramatic monologue on WFBM after the evening news.


Greg Persell
Greg was an award-winning photographer. He worked for several years as a personal PR photographer for Mayor William Hudnut. Greg also worked at the Banayote Photography Studio doing business and personal photography. Greg joined the Club in 2002 and served as president from 2005-08. His parents, Frank and Mildred Persell, were also members.