The Portfolio Scholarship      The Endowed Scholarship      Scholarship Recipients 

The Portfolio Club awards two scholarships annually to students in the arts.
The Portfolio Scholarship is awarded to a student with an arts major attending an Indiana-based, non-for-profit institution. The Endowed Scholarship is for a Herron School of Art student.

The Portfolio Scholarship

The Portfolio Scholarship is awarded only to Indiana-based not-for-profit arts institutions or organizations. The institution selects the scholarship recipient according to the Club’s criteria. The scholarship is given in one of these four disciplines:

  • Visual Arts – architecture, graphic  arts, painting, photography, sculpture
  • Performing Arts – dance, drama, theatre
  • Musical Arts – composition, instrumentation, voice
  • Literary Arts – fiction, non-fiction, poetry

The Endowed Scholarship

The Endowed Scholarship is through Herron School of Art and Design. The Portfolio suggests these criteria for recipient selection:

  • Resident of Indiana
  • Between the ages of 18 to 25
  • In need of financial assistance
  • Able to attend a Portfolio program in the year after receiving the scholarship to make a brief presentation about his/hers/theirs/hirs/zirs arts development.

Scholarship recipients

The Portfolio Scholarship:

  • 2022 Corin Chapman (Creative Writing, IUPUI)
  • 2021 No recipient due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2020 Paul Merkamp (French Horn, Butler University, Jordan College of the Arts)
  • 2019 Tiana Kay Newberry (Theatre, Franklin College)
  • 2018 Kyle Agnew (Photography, University of Indianapolis)
  • 2017 JJ Gramlich (Literature, IUPUI)
  • 2016 Christopher De Tar (Music, Butler University)
  • 2015 Jennifer Marvel (Marian University, Graphic Arts)
  • 2014 Ashley Shufflebarger (Poetry, IU School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI)
  • 2013 Zach Kukla (Dance, Butler University)
  • 2012 Rochelle Smith (Music, Franklin College)
  • 2011 Rebecca Roberts (Architecture, Ball State University)
  • 2010 Alex Mattingly (Creative Writing, Butler University)
  • 2009 Stephanie Kucsera (Theatre Arts, University of Indianapolis)
  • 2008 Emily Toth (Jordan College of Fine Arts, Butler University)
  • 2007 Heather Shebeck (Herron School of Art and Design)

The Endowed Scholarship through Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI:

  • 2021 Jessy Fearnow (Sculpture and Furniture Design)
  • 2020 Sarah Shepherd (Furniture Design)
  • 2019 Joseph Scott Powers (Furniture Design)
  • 2018 Olivia Hebbe (Graphic Design)
  • 2017 Zachary Hurst (Studio Arts)
  • 2016 Sara Todd (Painting)
  • 2015 Kayla Eble (Painting)
  • 2014 Brian Ashman (Furniture Design)
  • 2013 Helen Arth (Ceramics)
  • 2012 Sarah Nale (Ceramics)
  • 2011 Catherine Vorholzer (General Fine Arts)
  • 2010 Jason Krismanick (Painting)
  • 2009 Jordan Crane (Studio Arts)