The Portfolio Scholarship      The Endowed Scholarship      Scholarship Recipients 

The Portfolio Club awards two scholarships annually to students in the arts.

The Portfolio Scholarship is awarded to a student with an arts major attending an Indiana-based, non-for-profit institution.
The Endowed Scholarship is for a Herron School of Art student.

The Portfolio Scholarship

The Portfolio Scholarship, established in 2007, is awarded only to Indiana-based, not-for-profit arts institutions or organizations. The institution selects the scholarship recipient according to the Club’s criteria. The scholarship is given in one of these four disciplines:

  • Visual Arts – architecture, graphic  arts, painting, photography, sculpture
  • Performing Arts – dance, drama, theatre
  • Musical Arts – composition, instrumentation, voice
  • Literary Arts – fiction, non-fiction, poetry

Since its inception, the Portfolio Scholarship’s intent has been to award $1,000 every spring to one recipient. The monies are generated primarily from the Club’s annual auction and picnic, and augmented if possible, by available operating funds. If sufficient funds are not available, the Portfolio Scholarship may be awarded at a lower amount, or not given at all. 

The Endowed Scholarship

The Endowed Scholarship, established in 2009, is through Herron School of Art and Design. The Portfolio suggests these criteria for recipient selection:

  • Resident of Indiana
  • Between the ages of 18 to 25
  • In need of financial assistance
  • Able to attend a Portfolio program in the year after receiving the scholarship to make a brief presentation about his/hers/theirs/hirs/zirs arts development.

Endowed Scholarship funding came from the sale of artworks from Portfolio’s art collection. Herron School of Art and Design accepted our contribution at a lower level than is typical for an endowed fund. The corpus grows when Portfolians occasionally make honor or memorial contributions and through Indiana University’s investment earnings. In September 2015, a CD held by the Club matured, and we made an additional contribution to Herron that will bring the earnings up to our desired scholarship level of $1,000.

Scholarship recipients

The Portfolio Scholarship:

  • 2023 Nicholas Jackson (Illustration Art, University of Indianapolis)
  • 2022 Corin Chapman (Creative Writing, IUPUI)
  • 2021 No recipient due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2020 Paul Merkamp (French Horn, Butler University, Jordan College of the Arts)
  • 2019 Tiana Kay Newberry (Theatre, Franklin College)
  • 2018 Kyle Agnew (Photography, University of Indianapolis)
  • 2017 JJ Gramlich (Literature, IUPUI)
  • 2016 Christopher De Tar (Music, Butler University)
  • 2015 Jennifer Marvel (Marian University, Graphic Arts)
  • 2014 Ashley Shufflebarger (Poetry, IU School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI)
  • 2013 Zach Kukla (Dance, Butler University)
  • 2012 Rochelle Smith (Music, Franklin College)
  • 2011 Rebecca Roberts (Architecture, Ball State University)
  • 2010 Alex Mattingly (Creative Writing, Butler University)
  • 2009 Stephanie Kucsera (Theatre Arts, University of Indianapolis)
  • 2008 Emily Toth (Jordan College of Fine Arts, Butler University)
  • 2007 Heather Shebeck (Herron School of Art and Design)

The Endowed Scholarship through Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI:

  • 2022 Arnie Amador (Integrated Studio Practice)
  • 2021 Jessy Fearnow (Sculpture and Furniture Design)
  • 2020 Sarah Shepherd (Furniture Design)
  • 2019 Joseph Scott Powers (Furniture Design)
  • 2018 Olivia Hebbe (Graphic Design)
  • 2017 Zachary Hurst (Studio Arts)
  • 2016 Sara Todd (Painting)
  • 2015 Kayla Eble (Painting)
  • 2014 Brian Ashman (Furniture Design)
  • 2013 Helen Arth (Ceramics)
  • 2012 Sarah Nale (Ceramics)
  • 2011 Catherine Vorholzer (General Fine Arts)
  • 2010 Jason Krismanick (Painting)
  • 2009 Jordan Crane (Studio Arts)